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A strong Group under one roof

For generations, the Roto brand has characterised the quality of life in indoor spaces. Whether for door and window hardware, roof windows and stairs, or lifecycle services of the products, discover the unique solution expertise and high technological proficiency that have made each of the three Roto divisions successful – and thereby contribute to the strength of the entire group.

Roto Roof System Technology (DST)

Roto DST offers professional fabricators and trading companies the best premium-quality solutions for roof windows, equipment and stairs. Both the easy-to-install products and the services are geared solely towards the requirements of the customer.

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Roto Window and Door Technology (FTT)

Roto FTT has the world’s best expertise on the manufacture of hardware and seals for windows and doors. This makes it possible for window manufacturers to produce the best and most affordable windows. This relates to products and processes.

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Roto Professional Service (RPS)

Roto RPS offers services over the entire life cycle of windows, doors and roof windows. This includes repairs, maintenance and upkeep as a key component in maintaining the value of properties. The services also include retrofitting with security components to increase burglary protection.

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